What is cozy fantasy?

Cozy fantasy has been launched into unexpected popularity recently, arguably first by the success of the TikTok viral Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree, and a following spate of popular titles (such as The House in the Cerulean Sea, A Coup of Tea, Emily Wilde’s Encyclopedia of Faeries, That Time I Got Drunk & Saved … Continue reading What is cozy fantasy?

A guide to the noble titles of medieval Europe for writers

The nobility of medieval Europe is often confusing, especially when trying to decipher a thousand years of change and competing systems that sometimes changed rapidly and in other places had contradictory rules depending on who you were. It can be a headache to decipher and sometimes as a writer I just want a simple answer. … Continue reading A guide to the noble titles of medieval Europe for writers

A guide to nobility, for fantasy writers

High fantasy tends to feature a lot of nobles. More often than not, authors pull inspiration from the feudal and courtly nobility of medieval Europe. However, honestly, it can be confusing to research with so many conflicting traditions, not to mention how they changed over time too. As a result, fantasy sometimes leans on not … Continue reading A guide to nobility, for fantasy writers

Alternative Words for Wand

Fantasy has a fascinating array of alternative words for wand. Interestingly, many of the words are used in different way to their dictionary definitions and I've found it hard to find much information. So I put together my own list of definitions I've learned from years of reading fantasy and mythology. There aren't as many … Continue reading Alternative Words for Wand

What are crossroads demons?

In pop culture, the concept of a crossroads demon has sprung up in recent years, perhaps particularly inspired by Supernatural, where they are explicitly named as a special type of demon. The concept has always fascinated me, so I wanted to delve into answering the question “what are crossroads demons?” and explore the history of … Continue reading What are crossroads demons?

Fairy versus Faerie, and other names for the Fae

Fairies have a lot of names and there a lot of ways just to spell the word. When it comes down to Fairy versus Faerie, what is the difference? Fairy comes ultimately from the Latin fata, “the fates” - the group of Roman goddesses who decided the fate of mortals. The Roman goddesses multiplied in … Continue reading Fairy versus Faerie, and other names for the Fae