10 Greek Mythology Gifts for Geeks

19 greek mythology gifts for geeks by Isaac Tye, SorcererOfTea.com

I’d like to say I’m an expert on Greek mythology gifts. After all, I basically just have to write down my own list to Santa and we’re there! Mythology is one of my real passions in life. Greek mythology is a personal favourite, ever since I picked up my first storybook. Disney’s Hercules fanned those flames. They’re fascinating to read, and full of colorful characters. So, here’s my top 10 gifts for the Greek mythology geek in your life.

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Greek mythology gifts : the ultimate list

Edith Hamilton’s Mythology

This book is incredible. It is definitely the most beautiful book I own. Released for the 75th anniversary of the world’s most read tome of mythology. It includes stunning illustrations, a metallic dust jacket, and a whole family tree of Greek gods. Honestly, I’d place this as one of my top recommendations for Greek mythology gifts.

Stephen Fry’s Mythos

Stephen Fry is one of my favourite comedians, so when I heard he had released a retelling of greek myths – I had to get it. I was not disappointed. His dry wit is all through this edition. But between the laughs, he has packed it full of information. Showing off his genuine love for the myths. I have the paperback, but you can grab it in a beautiful hardcover as well for the book collector in your soul.

Stephen Fry's Mythos makes an amazing greek mythology themed gift

Mythical Creature Playing Cards

My roommate is a bit of a playing card fan. I say a bit. They’re everywhere! So I was super excited to check out this set. Illustrated with a range of beautiful creatures from Greek and other mythos. They’re a set you should be proud to pull out. Flex on your friends, I say!

These bookmarks are a greek mythology gift worth checking out.

Greek Pantheon Bookmarks

With all these beautiful books I’ve recommended, you’re going to need bookmarks. Hopefully appropriately themed. I found these beauties on Etsy and I fell in love. They’re just so pretty, while also screaming Greek mythology!

Greek mythology gifts for geeks: Artemis themed t-shirt

Athena Greek Goddess T-shirt

Medusa Dollmaker is an incredible Spanish artist. They have a beautiful range of greek mythology themed shirts on their shop. I particularly love this Athena Pallas design, or their Iberian Hecate shirt.

Cerberus Plushy

He is so squishy! Aaah! I just want to hug him. This plushy is adorable. Perfect for guarding the gates of Hades. I mean, who is going to try and escape when they can stay and squish this big guy?

Greek mythology gifts I love!

Medusa Die Cut Stickers

These stickers are so cute! There are a ton of awesome designers on Etsy but these Medusa Die Cut stickers stood out to me. The design just pops. It’ll make the back of a laptop or your notebook look incredible. It makes a great affordable stocking stuffer.

Artemis Necklace

Who doesn’t want the symbol of Artemis around their neck? Probably someone, but they don’t count. This necklace is pewter, and has a beautiful curved moon shape. Perfect to represent the moon goddess herself.

Why not grab a Artemis themed pewter necklace for the greek mythology lover in your life?

The Tarot of the Divine

This awesome tarot deck features deities and fairy tale figures from across the world – Greek, Norse, Chinese and many many more. It includes a companion booklet that helps relate to the stories of these myths and folklore to the traditional imagery of Tarot.

Circe tells the story of a famous goddess, now given her own place in the spotlight.

Circe by Madeline Miller

Mixing up the book recommendations here with a bit of fiction. Circe is a well received, best selling novel. Inspired by the ancient greek goddess Circe’s story, it turns the infamous witch into a hero of her own story. Plus that cover is beautiful! It is available in hardcover (affiliate link) and ebook!

Got Greek mythology gifts to suggest?

I’d love to hear your favourite gift ideas for greek mythology nerds! Let me know in the comments (so I can add it to my own amazon wishlist and hopelessly wish to get it one day!).

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