LGBT RPGs you need to know about!

I’m a huge supporter of LGBT gaming (how could I not be as an LGBT person myself?), especially around the tabletop, and I was blown away when I reached out on Twitter to discover some great LGBT RPGs. The feedback was incredible and so many people have favourite RPGs to suggest or products they had made themselves.

I’m here to present you a roundup of some incredible independently made queer games and modules to play. And many of them are free!

So, without further ado, a host of LGBT RPGs you need to know about!

The Feywild

Featuring queer fey and a huge host of resources to make your adventure in the Feywilds exciting.

Gimble’s Guide to the Feywild is a great resource for running a Dungeons and Dragons party through the Feywild – with 24 locations, 50 random encounters, maps and new subclasses! It also features some great exploration of the pansexuality of the Fey, and is written by an LGBTQ author.

Grab it on DMs Guild.

Extraordinary Inns & Taverns

Make your taverns truly inspiring with this book by Chaterine Evans and Liz Gist.

@crit_liz and @perpetualgloom have created Extraordinary Inns & Taverns – a resource for anyone who wants to make their taverns more interesting, less cliche, and present a tavern with limitless potential. It features a host of LGBTQ+ NPCs as well, so you don’t have an excuse to play more LGBT RPGs in the future.

It is $4.95 on DMs Guild.

The Dark Eye

Revelations From Heaven is an LGBT RPG, and part of the awesome Dark Eye RPG.

The Dark Eye is Germany’s most popular RPG, and they have a whole host of interesting resources and books. Revelations From Heaven was recommended to me as one that stands out and was part written by trans creators. But you should check out the whole range.

Revelations From Heaven is on DriveThruRPG.

Basic Witches

Basic Witches lets you cast spells with pumpkin spice lattes.

Teenage witches casting magic with pumpkin spice lattes. If that doesn’t make you interested to check out this Pay What You Want mini-rpg by Alicia Furness, then what will? I’m so happy to see great queer games like this out there.

Check it out on


Monolock is a terrifying mech horror game about escaping a monster.

Played with a Jenga tower, Monolock is an RPG of mechs and survival. Can you escape the predator that is stalking your team? It is a horror RPG created by Flowers, a bisexual RPg developer from Malaysia, made for 3-5 players. I’m really excited to play it with my friends.

Pay what you want on

The Maze

The Maze is a LGBT created horror game!

The Maze kickstarter is one I personally pledged to. It is created by an LGBTQ author, Alastor Guzman and looks incredible for some horror fun. The Maze is all about modular dungeons full of the creepy and terrifying. It has now finished but you should really bookmark it and go back to order the book when its out. The art is STUNNING as well.

Check it out.

Gnightmare on Gnome Street

A puntastic adventure for an fan of thrillers and slasher movies.

Oliver Clegg has created a whole host of spooky RPG adventures, but my personal favourite by virtue of ridiculous Gnome puns is Gnightmare on Gnome Street. To quote Oliver the LGBTQ “leeks out into my work.” In the tone of Nightmare on Elm Street, Gnightmare will subject you to some creepy horror in your next adventure. Got to keep the players on their toes, right?

Check it out on DMs Guild.

Blood & Hormones

Blood and Hormones is a trans RPG about dystopia.

Blood and Hormones is a tabletop mini RPG played with tarot cards. It’s all about trans punks trying to survive in a hostile cyberpunk future. Blood and Hormones asks where to find hope in a hostile future?

Blood and Hormones is free to trans buyers on I love this idea.


Hauberk questions capitalism and explores self and identity in an incredible mech game.

Imagine you’re a mech pilot. Cool right? Now, imagine you get paid the minimum wage, and your job is to make corporations money. Welcome to Hauberk. Manage your budget, serve the corporate interests, and maybe you’ll work out a way free from the grip of capitalism. Hauberk discusses the morality of a system that makes people do heinous things for the dollar they need to survive.

Check it out on


Exodus is a LGBT RPG about trans angels in a dystopia.

Exodus is an LGBT RPG about an angel on a roadtrip. Sadly, it isn’t a sunny day on Route 66 and Exodus puts its players in the shoes of angels hiding from a society that has thrown them out. It is a 2-4 player game with no GM. It sounds heartwrenching and amazing all at once and I am putting it on my list to play sometime. A metaphor for being queer if I ever heard one.

Exodus on

Ma’amser, Saan Po Kayo?

Ma'amser, Saan Po Kayo? lets you be a supernaturally assisted taxi driver.

A micro-RPG about playing a taxi driver in Manilla, assisted by supernatural beings, and just trying to get passengers where they want to go. It is for 3-5 players, and should take you 2-4 hours to play. Well worth checking out.

Ma’amser, Saan Po Kayo? on

We Made Them Look Like Us

We Made Them Look Like Us is about surviving.

We Made Them Look Like Us is a solo LARP about transistion, machines and survival. ” Years ago, your people fled a terrible genocide, crammed into the fastest ship they could find. But your numbers have dwindled, your pursuers are relentless, and it is a greater struggle each day to keep the ship one step ahead. You, and this machine, are their last hope.” Time to entertain yourself with this one! You won’t be disappointed.

Grab it for Pay What You Want on

Uncaged Anthology

The Uncaged Anthology is an incredible compendium of 25 RPG adventures by some of the best creators around.

If you haven’t heard about the Uncaged Anthology, you’re missing out. I mean, look at that cover art. Containing 25 original adventures that feature inspiration from folklore and fairytales, Uncaged is about the stories of women. Subverting the tropes that get imposed on them in mythology.

Some incredible contributors made Uncaged possible, and Volume II is in progress. So go grab it on DMs Guild.

Squad Goals

Squad Goals is an empowering female-focused mythological game.

Continuing the vein from Uncaged above, I love this mini RPG – Squad Goals. Great women from mythology working together as a heroic gang to save the world, or just get cats out of trees. Plus, beating the big baddie. Squad Goals is about empowering women, and has a really awesome cast of mythological figures – some you may know, and new ones you really want to meet.

Grab it on for Pay What You Want

Two Aromantics

Two Aromantics is an LGBT RPG adventure about slaying dragons.

“You are aromantic, and your best friend is aromantic. There‚Äôs only one thing to do: go and fight a dragon.” With that intro, I was already interested in Two Aromantics, an LGBT RPG for a 4th level character playing Dungeons and Dragons. Explore some new ground within Two Aromantics and slay those dragons.

Grab Two Aromantics on

The Bonds That Tie Us

A GMless Game for 3-5 players, Bonds That Tie Us explores how relationships evolve.

Bonds That Tie Us is a GMless tabletop game about relationships. From friends to polycules, Bonds That Tie Us answers the questions about our characters relationships. It is perfect for 3-5 players, and you can check out the free abridged PDF before grabbing the whole thing.

Bonds That Tie Us on

Queer Messes

Queer Messes is a RPG exploring the complex relationships of friendship.

Ever wanted to explore a game about a friend group on its last legs? Represented by pieces of yarn, Queer Messes explores teen angst, petty rivalries and relationships. It is about party games that bring friendships crashing down just before the characters split up for college, jobs and life. It is made for 5 players, and can be played over 2-3 hours. A truly queer game.

Grab Queer Messes on for Pay What You Want

Kissing Comrades

Be Gay, Do Crimes - the motto of Kissing Comrades, a queer LARP.

Kissing Comrades is a 2 player LARP about resisting fascism and punching nazis, all while being queer. “Love can’t always conquer all, but it is better to be with the people you love than to let them win.” So go commit those crimes with love!

Grab Kissing Comrades on

Ambrosia Cafe

Ambrosia Cafe is a queer game about gods hanging out for coffee at their favourite cafe.

My own humble entry is Ambrosia Cafe, an queer game of storytelling. It’s made for mythology nerds and anyone who likes to roleplay alike. In Ambrosia Cafe, you play gods hanging out together after work in their favourite coffee spot. It features all queer mythological figures, and can be played in half an hour or for as long as you want.

Buy Ambrosia Cafe on


Vacant is a 2-4 hour adventure for Dungeons and Dragons from a queer creator.

Vacant is a horror adventure to play over 2-4 hours, ready to slot into your Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It includes maps, NPC tokens, and an interesting adventure about a cursed hamlet, created by pansexual author Ma’at Crook. If your players can’t escape, they may find themselves trapped forever.

Grab Vacant on DMs Guild.

Gauntlet RPG Codex Zine

The Gauntlet RPG Codex Zine "Emerald" issue is free and has some great LGBT RPGs.

The Gauntlet RPG Codex Zine includes adventures, RPG resources and mini-RPGs every month. The latest issue is available for free, and you can grab past issues on Drive Thru RPG. There are quite a few LGBTQ RPGs by some outstanding names to be found within its pages.

Grab the Codex now.

Gay Crime Lord

Gay Crime Lord is a patron for warlocks that'll make your next queer game that much better.

Ending with a freebie, check out the Gay Crime Lord Warlock patron by MatthewWForeman. It is a great bit of spice for some LGBTQ representation in your next game.

Did I miss some?

There are so many amazing LGBTQ+ creators in the indie RPG scene but if you know of some outstanding examples, send them to me on Twitter @SorcererOfTea with the hashtag #queertabletop or leave links in the blog comments!

And remember to check out these awesome LGBT RPGs and support your favourite creators.

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